Nominated for The Lowell Thomas Award (2010) for Saving a Stone Age Tribal Group in Ethiopia !
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1973 Discovered a tribe on the Omo River in Ethiopia.

Carried the Explorer's Club flag on this expedition made in cooperation with Smithsonian Institute. Jersey Shore resident Joel S. Fogel, shown on the Omo River while living with an Ethiopian tribe in 1973, is the new chairman of the international Explorers Club's Philadelphia chapter. His goal is to attract a new generation to the 120-member chapter.

Joel Fogel, MN 72 as “Nogolull”, initiated into the Stone Age Mursi tribe during the course of his 1973 Omo River Tribal Survey Expedition. His tribal name meant, “the man who came by water”.

The Explorer Club
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In 2011 Voted chairman for the Philadelphia Chapter of the THE EXPLORERS CLUB PHILADELPHIA.


The Board of Directors of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Explorers Club named Capt. Joel S. Fogel, 66, of Somers Point, N.J. as its Chairman.

World renown wildlife artist and sculptor, A.J. (Buddy) Obara has been named as Vice Chairman.

A member of The Explorers Club since 1972, Fogel was recognized by the Chapter for a lifetime of exploration, including significant work in evaluating water quality and promoting clean water, as well as his tireless support of the Chapter as "Explorer of the Year" in 2004.







President, Executive Director and Founder

The "Watch-Dog" For The Waterways

Non-profit international water monitoring organization promoting clean water and water conservation including education, water recycling and legislation to protect fresh and salt water resources internationally.

We have taken water samples for over 30 years and worked through education and legislation to promote clean water and water conservation worldwide.

‘Poet of the action’ strives to save the sea.

Attention cubicle captives: how are you spending your Precious, finite time on Planet Earth? Consider the 60-year run of Joel Fogel of Somers Point N.J.: He is a licensed 100-ton boat captain, a pilot, an actor (10 movies, including Rocky V, Dead Poets Society, Passenger 57, and Crimes and Misdemeanors), a model, a filmmaker (10 documentaries), an author (five books) a musician (piano, ukulele, guitar, harmonica, concertina, drums), singer, sailor, kayaker, surfer, windsurfer, scuba diver, horseback rider, fisherman, marathoner, scientist, an environmental educator, an explorer. He onced "swooped" in a hand glider "into" a volcano.

He met his wife, Coty, in Mexico while motorcicling from Alaska to South Amercia. He has kayaked the East Coast from New York to Florida and the West Coast from Seattle to San Diego.

When he wasn`t helping run his family`s multinational commercial refrigeration business, he paddled the Mississipi, the Nile, the Volga and the Amazon. 

He wrecked his back when he plunged down a 60-foot chute while battling the ferocious whitewater of the Yangtze.

Solo, he toured the South Seas in a 30-foot Danish folkboat. He salied from Puerto Rico to the French West Indies in a 14-foot Hobie Cat. he caught malaria and lived for six months with a Stone Age tribe.
Fogel`s term for himself: “Poet of Action.”





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